WELS podcasts: The Well Mind Podcast

Podcast: The Well Mind Podcast Host: Dr. Ben Kohls Description: “The primary focus of this podcast is to engage people in discussions about a broad range of topics related to wellness, with a special emphasis on mental wellness. It is my hope and intent that the topics and themes covered during this podcast will serve […]

WELS podcasts: Small Talk

Podcast: Small Talk Host: Rachel Kamin Description: “Small Talk is kids sharing the good news about Jesus. Host Rachel Kamin talks with young children from St. Andrew. She asks questions about the Bible, and the kids take it from there. Small Talk episodes are released four times throughout the year. You can’t listen to Small Talk […]

WELS podcasts: The Lutheran History Podcast

Podcast: The Lutheran History Podcast Host: Rev. Benjamin Phelps Description: “The Lutheran History Podcast interviews professional and independent historians on their work, covering over 500 years of Lutheranism. We hear news stories; examine old heroes of faith; and dig into the who, how, what, and why of history making.” A taste of previous topics: The podcast […]

WELS podcasts: Casting Nets

Podcast: Casting Nets Hosts: Pastor Will Harley and Pastor Dave Ruddat Description: “This is a show about thoughts on how to live life in a God-pleasing way. We will tackle real events, hopefully find ways to live a Christian life in those events.” A taste of previous topics: This podcast covers a wide variety of […]

WELS podcasts: Little Things

Podcast: Little Things Hosts: Amber Albee Swenson, a Time of Grace writer and blogger Description: “Amber Albee Swenson will help you navigate through some of life’s challenges and struggles by using Scripture and her own experiences of being a mom, wife, speaker, teacher, and forgiven child of God. . . . Because in God’s kingdom, […]

WELS podcasts: Christ for Disciplers

Podcast: Christ for Disciplers Hosts: Hosted by the chaplains and leadership team of A City for God. Episode hosts include Pastor Paul Steinberg, Chaplain Mike Tracy, Chaplain Rob Collier, Coach Lance Meyer, and others. Description: “A weekday message for educators and parents of young disciples. A ‘Discipler’ is a parent, teacher, coach, grandparent, minister, or […]

WELS podcasts: Life Challenges

Podcast: Life Challenges Hosts: Pastors Robert Fleishmann and Jeffrey Samelson, volunteer Christa Potratz Description: “Join Christian Life Resources as we discuss biblical perspectives on modern-day issues.” A taste of previous topics: Embryo adoption, Christians and activism, Pro-life in Hollywood? Length: About 30 minutes Some thoughts: As noted in the introduction to the Life Challenges podcast, […]

WELS podcasts: The Notable Podcast

Podcast: The Notable Podcast Hosts: Jonathan Bourman, Timothy Bourman Description: “Imagine you picked up the most important book in the world, a book with words that could transform hearts. Now, imagine when you opened up that book it was full of highlights and notes in the margins so you could see how this book has […]

WELS podcasts: Reflections on Our Unique Callings: Men, Women, and the Body of Christ

Podcast: Reflections on Our Unique Callings: Men, Women, and the Body of Christ Hosts: Ben Kratz, Kristi Meyer, Naomi Schmidt, Dawn Schulz Description: Reflections on Our Unique Callings is a series of devotions from WELS Women’s Ministry that explores biblical principles and applications, poses thoughts and questions for further reflection, and encourages conversations on how these […]

WELS podcasts: Impact

Podcast: Impact Host: Mark Kjenstad Description: “The better you understand Scripture, the greater impact it will have on your life. Impact is a St. Andrew podcast ministry that features interviews with gifted Bible scholars to help you grow in your understanding of Scripture.” A taste of previous topics: Calming the storm, The lost son, Jesus […]

WELS podcasts: Dust and Breath

Podcast: Dust and Breath Host: Ethan Cherney Description: A devotional podcast for Bible people about the people of the Bible. A taste of previous topics: Job’s wife, Jezreel, Issachar, Caesar Augustus Length: About 7 minutes on average Some thoughts: “You and I are dust and breath, loved by God and bought by Jesus. . . […]

WELS podcasts: 2 steps forward with James and Ade

Podcast: 2 steps forward with James and Ade Hosts: James and Ade Hein Descripton: “James and Ade are walking through the Bible with you 1 chapter at a time, 1 day at a time, with 3 daily devotional thoughts, a couple loving disagreements, and an infinite amount of household pets and awkward pauses. We want to grow closer […]

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