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Episode 33 – Teaching kids how money works

How can we help our kids to learn to manage the financial resources that God gives them? Linda Buxa shares her family’s approach—and how you can incorporate it in your family.
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Episode 32 – What’s a parent’s role in dating?

The idea of our children dating can be . . . unsettling. Pastor Donn Dobberstein, father of four children ages 15-22, shares his strategies for how to navigate this season of parenting.

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Episode 31 – Facing a parent’s illness as a family

Mom’s sick. Now what? Hear from Kerry Ognenoff on what her family faced during her recent illness.

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Episode 30 – Protecting kids without scaring them 

How do we prepare our children to handle dangerous situations without scaring them? Are we avoiding important conversations? Sarah Reik and Dan Nommensen offer practical tips to help.

  • Dan Nommensen
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Episode 29 – Family Advent Devotions

Are you interested in having family Advent devotions? Pastors Eric Roecker and Donn Dobberstein offer a great resource that makes it easy to customize the right devotion time for your family.

    Father and son

    Episode 28 – Raising godly men – November 2018

    Wondering how to help your son grow into a godly man? Have you considered a Man-up Challenge? Rob Guenther and his son, Josiah, share the details of their Man-Up Challenge here.

    Chalkboard says back to school

    Episode 27 – Back to School

    Need help transitioning to the new school year? Tune in for Sarah Reik’s kid-tested tips.

    • Sarah Reik

      Sarah Reik is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran

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    Episode 26 – Supporting children as they struggle

    God blesses our children with different talents and abilities. How can we support our children as they struggle in the areas where they aren’t as naturally gifted? Ann Jahns shares her thoughts.

    dad and baby reading

    Episode 25 – Bedtime routines

    Is bedtime full of stress for your family? Hear from Anna Geiger, mom of six, on the bedtime routine that helps their family end most nights peacefully.

    • Anna Geiger
    wood block letters spell dad

    Episode 24 – Thoughts from an experienced dad

    Join Jim Aderman as he reflects back on the advice he would have given himself when he was a young father—words of wisdom that are relevant for parents of any generation.

      lined paper with list of patience, kindness, goodness, faith, etc.

      Episode 23 – Finding strength in gentleness

      Instilling strength and gentleness in our children requires a careful balancing act. Dan Nommensen shares his tips to help parents along the way.

      pad and pen with hand writing goals!

      Episode 22 – Teaching kids to work toward goals

      Interested in helping your family set goals for the coming year? Heart to heart author Kerry Ognenoff shares how her family makes and tracks their goals each year.

      Episode 21 - Cultivating a mission heart in children

      Episode 21 – Cultivating a mission heart in children

      Instilling a mission heart in our children is a God-pleasing goal for Christian parents. How do we go about it, though? Amanda Rose expands on her article and gives parents practical tips on this important topic.

      canvas with watercolor of the luther seal

      Episode 20 – Explaining Reformation to children

      Wondering how to explain the Reformation to your children? “God’s Plan for Luther and Me” is a short film designed with children in mind. Hear one parent’s thoughts about the film and watch some clips from the movie.

      Child writing on paper concentrating

      Episode 19 – A successful school year

      How can we ease our children into the new school year and help them have a successful year? Cindi Holman, veteran educator and mom, shares her tips.

      • Cindi Holman
      driving - only arms shown

      Episode 18 – Using law and gospel in everyday situations

      Do you have trouble letting go of your parenting mistakes? Dan Nommensen shares his perspective on how you can move past your guilt and find the joy in parenting.

      Child running through sprinkler

      Episode 17 – Tips for a simple summer

      Two steps to a simple summer? Yes, please! Becky Schermerhorn gives us her tips.

      Girl using tablet

      Episode 16 – Parenting and technology

      What emerging technologies should parents be aware of? Martin Spriggs, WELS chief technology officer, offers his insights.

      boy making face playing with dino

      Episode 15 – Shaping responsible behavior

      Looking for tips on how to shape responsible behavior in your children? Sarah Reik offers her insights as a mom of four and a licensed professional counselor.

      • Sarah Reik
      Child looking up

      Episode 14 – Choice of role models

      Are you concerned about who your child is choosing as a role model? Dan Nommensen shares his insights as a Christian counselor and father.

      • Dan Nommensen
      Children singing praises

      Episode 13 – Children in worship services

      Looking for some new strategies to engage your children in worship services? Consider whether one of Lisa Uttech’s ideas may work for your family.

      • Lisa Uttech
      group with one wearing t-shirt labeled volunteer

      Episode 12 – Volunteering as a family

      Have you considered volunteering as a family but hesitated to start? Linda Buxa shares her family’s philosophy on volunteering and the blessings she’s seen from their experiences.

      Episode 11 - Children and the election

      Episode 11 – Children and the election

      Are you struggling with what to tell your children about this election? Ann Jahns, a Heart to heart contributor, shares her thoughts on how we can encourage our children to be Christian citizens.

      Girl looking out over landscape

      Episode 10 – Building a child’s self-worth

      How can we help our children build their self-worth on Christ’s love? Sarah Reik, a licensed professional counselor from WLCFS–Christian Family Solutions, shares her insights on this important topic.

      young boy on soccer field with ball

      Episode 09 – Extracurricular activities

      How do you decide which extracurricular activities your child should join? What’s a parent’s role on the sidelines? Whitney Donovan, a licensed professional counselor at WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions, offers some great thoughts for parents to consider.

      boy dazed expression

      Episode 08 – When disaster strikes

      When a disaster strikes, what do you tell your children? Sheryl Cowling gives parents insights into how to talk to children of all ages about traumatic events. Also check out her tips to help kids cope and Scripture for comfort in adversity.

      mom loving on two young babies

      Episode 07 – Mosts of motherhood

      Sarah Reik shares her view on “The three ‘mosts’ of motherhood” in this special Mother’s Day episode of Heart to heart: Parent conversations.

      coins spilling out of jar

      Episode 06 – Handling money

      Heart to heart author Kerry Ognenoff discusses her family’s approach to training children how to handle money in a God-pleasing way.

      Special Needs Child

      Episode 05 – Special needs child

      In this episode of Forward in Christ’s Heart to heart: Parent conversations, hear one mother talk about raising her son with special needs.

      Child smiling back

      Episode 04 – Teaching Respect

      In this episode of Forward in Christ’s Heart to heart: Parent conversations, hear about four important aspects of teaching respect to your children.

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      Episode 03 – Little white lies

      This parent conversation focuses on the little white lies that children–and their parents–often tell. Heart to heart author Jim Aderman shares insights into how these lies can be harmful for our relationship with God and with each other.

      Child flying high on swing

      Episode 02 – Nurturing contentment

      Heart to heart author Ann Jahns shares her insights into how we can nurture contentment in our children–and ourselves.

      sign says BLESS

      Episode 01 – 364 Days of Thanksgiving

      Parent conversations highlights a resource for helping your family become overwhelmingly thankful for its blessings. Heart to heart author Dan Nommensen shares his family’s experience with the devotional journal 364 Days of Thanksgiving.