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WELS podcasts: Casting Nets

Podcast: Casting Nets

Hosts: Pastor Will Harley and Pastor Dave Ruddat

Description: “This is a show about thoughts on how to live life in a God-pleasing way. We will tackle real events, hopefully find ways to live a Christian life in those events.”

A taste of previous topics: This podcast covers a wide variety of timely topics relevant for Christians today, including discussions surrounding social media, pastoral vacancies, apologetics, ethics, the roles of men and women, Christian freedom, free will, American Christianity, mental illness, ministry, and so much more.

Length: 30-75 minutes

Some thoughts: In their candid and conversational podcast, Pastor Will Harley and Pastor Dave Ruddat allow listeners to witness their thought processes as they dissect portions of Scripture and attempt to provide context and answers for some of the difficult questions we face every day. “We are thinking out loud,” says Ruddat toward the beginning of one of their episodes. “Because it’s two pastors here, we are opening ourselves up to Scripture that it may teach us and change us and shape us live here on this podcast.” The longer-than-average episodes are well worth the time for those looking to advance their understanding of Scripture and Lutheran doctrine and how they apply in today’s world. Casting Nets also offers occasional interviews as well as topical Bible study series. Recent examples have included studies of Revelation, Leviticus, and “Scandalous stories,” which was a study on the parables of Jesus.


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Volume 110, Number 02
Issue: February 2023

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