You’ve got a friend

You’ve got a friend

Pray, Christian, pray

Pray, Christian, pray

My Christian life: Turning tragedy into blessing
Ascension paradoxes

Ascension paradoxes

Confessions of faith: Jack Cotter

What's inside

For this issue, I talked with Missionary Luke Wolfgramm about his evacuation from Russia due to the war. The message he highlighted over and over was one of peace—the true peace that only Jesus can give. “Know Jesus’ peace. Share Jesus’ peace” were his exact words. Read "A new chapter in Russia."

Brian Wrobel tells us again of that peace, a peace we know because our Savior forgives our sins and now rules at the right hand of God. But he also reminds us that at his ascension, Jesus gave us purpose. Read "Ascension paradoxes."

That peace and purpose can also be seen in this month’s “Confessions of faith” article about a New Zealander whose life was anything but peaceful until he met a girl who told him about grace.

I want to throw in one more p word—prayer. This month’s editorial highlights the National Day of Prayer and offers a reminder about the power of prayer in our lives. 

Julie Wietzke, managing editor

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Stop being a baby about Jesus’ ascension!

Please explain: Why did God cruelly command Abraham to sacrifice his son?

Parent conversations: How can we help young adults stay engaged in the church?

Q&A: If people go to hell, isn’t it their fault because God gave them free will and they rejected him? 

Meet editorial Stephen Helwig

Meet the editorial staff: Stephen Helwig

Ever ask yourself, “Who are these people who write for Forward in Christ?” Through this series, you can find out. Relationships. When asked what one word he would use to describe his experience in the ministry, Stephen Helwig chose to focus on the interpersonal connections he has formed with his fellow brothers and sisters in...
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A new chapter in Russia


Offering hope and help in Ukraine

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New leadership at Northwestern Publishing House

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