Fathers of encouragement

Fathers of encouragement

Hands off the Bible!

Hands off the Bible!

The liturgy: Patterns of praise

The liturgy: Patterns of praise



My Christian life: Highlighting the Scriptures through art

What's inside

Often what I write about here are the connections that I see in each issue. While some of these connections are planned, others seem to just naturally occur. Take, for example, our focus on fathers for “This is WELS”—a planned set of images. What wasn’t pre-arranged was the wonderful devotion about being fathers of encouragement (which also fits perfectly with Thanks, Dad).   

I could go on, but you get the idea. You probably see your own connections, and I encourage you to look for them. Of course the biggest connection we at Forward in Christ strive to make every month is to connect you with your Savior. We pray this shines through, because it has eternal consequences. 

Julie Wietzke, managing editor

This is WELS

Light for our path: Can the devil personally be tempting me and a lot of other people at exactly the same time?

Please explain: Whom do we blame for bad things?

Please explain: Why did God cruelly command Abraham to sacrifice his son?

Thanks, Dad!


Lutheran Pioneers: Building on the foundation of the past

In 1951, WELS member Bruce Thompson and his pastor, Reuben Marti, envisioned an organization in which boys could learn valuable life and leadership skills—but through a biblical, Lutheran perspective....
Shepherd of the Plains, Lubbock, Texas,

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