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Path to Easter April 2020

The path to Easter

Easter April 2020

Easter is life

April 2020 devotion

Devotion: Death dies on this mountain


Please explain: Why can’t my sister have communion with us?

Why can’t my sister have communion with us? Gary A. Pufahl How do I answer that question…

Parent conversations: How can I stay calm when my child is out of control?

Warning: The two articles this month are a completely accurate portrayal of life with children. Tantrums happen….

My Christian life: Camp BASIC

Going to Camp BASIC is a family affair for volunteers and campers. Laura Schaefer Picture, if you…

The path to Easter

We need Easter, but we need Maundy Thursday and Good Friday too. Shelly Hahm When I was…

We look for the resurrection of the dead

Though we die—really die—we really will live again, all because of Jesus Christ . . . all…

A day in the life of a future pastor

Life is busy for your future pastors as they study for the ministry at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary….

Easter is life

Easter brings us victory over death and gives us new life. Joshua E. Stahmann The young man…

Devotion: Death dies on this mountain

“On this mountain he will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all…

Holy Week is coming!

Andrew C. Schroer My favorite Christmas movie of all time is the movie Elf. In the movie,…

A Bible story just for me: Grief

Grieve . . . but with hope Gregory C. Lyon From time to time, we face realities…

Q&A: Does God help those who help themselves?

I have been going through a string of bad luck lately. It seems like everything I do…

Bible study: God helps those who cannot help themselves

David Scharf Recently in a stadium packed with people, these words were preached: “If you continue to…

President’s message: What kind of leaders?

Mark G. Schroeder Six billion, 450 million. That’s not the world’s population. That’s how many results you…

A thought: Outing death

John A. Braun “Don’t forget, you’re going to die,” the message on the screen read. It was…

Confessions of faith: Sherry Deaton

The seed of the Word fell on rocky ground but over time sprouted and grew. Amanda M….


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