Confessions of faith: Harry and Angie Corey

Confessions of faith: Harry and Angie Corey

A family discovers a focus on Scripture, consistent messages, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere at their local WELS church.

Consistency. Structure. A focus on Scripture. These are just some of the things that Harry and Angie Corey say they appreciate about Peace, Aiken, S.C. The Coreys, who joined Peace in May, say that Lutheranism finally gave them the answers they were looking for.

Their spiritual journeys

Although the Coreys had been Pentecostal most of their adult lives, they both had different religious backgrounds growing up. Harry started out in the Methodist Wesleyan Church. “I remember listening to the music and listening to the Word,” he says. “It really touched me. When I got home, I would go out into our old barn, and I’d just sing songs to the Lord.”

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Author: Alicia A. Neumann
Volume 107, Number 10
Issue: October 2020

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Alicia A. Neumann

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