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WELS podcasts: Small Talk

Podcast: Small Talk

Host: Rachel Kamin

Description:Small Talk is kids sharing the good news about Jesus. Host Rachel Kamin talks with young children from St. Andrew. She asks questions about the Bible, and the kids take it from there. Small Talk episodes are released four times throughout the year. You can’t listen to Small Talk without smiling!”

A taste of previous topics: Small Talk is a podcast ministry of St. Andrew, Middleton, Wis. Because all of the podcast guests are children, conversations are centered around major events in the church year—like Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.

Length: 10 minutes

Some thoughts: Host Rachel Kamin invites young children to talk about some of the most well-known moments of Jesus’ life. Her little guests are always excited to share their knowledge and answer her questions as she leads them through the process of applying the basic foundations of the Christian faith to their lives. Whether she is asking them about what it means to be a Christian, what a stable is, or to describe their cats’ personalities, the ensuing conversations are adorable and fun while simultaneously emphasizing Jesus’ sacrificial love for sinners. Adults and children alike will enjoy listening to these heartwarming conversations while being reminded of what it means to have a childlike faith in the victory that is ours with Jesus in heaven.


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Volume 110, Number 06
Issue: June 2023

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