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WELS podcasts: 2 steps forward with James and Ade

Podcast: 2 steps forward with James and Ade

Hosts: James and Ade Hein

Descripton: “James and Ade are walking through the Bible with you 1 chapter at a time, 1 day at a time, with 3 daily devotional thoughts, a couple loving disagreements, and an infinite amount of household pets and awkward pauses. We want to grow closer with Jesus, with one another, and with you.”

A taste of previous topics: Genesis, Romans, Judges, 1 Corinthians

Length: 25 to 30 minutes but can be longer or shorter

Some thoughts: James Hein serves as a pastor at St. Marcus, Milwaukee, Wis., and his wife, Ade, is a healthcare worker. Participating in this study is like joining them in their home for a Bible study. It’s relaxed and comfortable, but it’s filled with biblical insights. Each study begins with a quick intro, and James paraphrases the chapter of the Bible that is being studied that day. Then James and Ade discuss the chapter, focusing on three devotional thoughts. James and Ade make a great team because often Ade will ask a question that many people might have as they study this portion of Scripture. She keeps James from lapsing into “pastor talk” by challenging him to explain things in a clearer way, and he is good at providing real-life examples that are relatable. Ade also brings her own life experiences to the discussion, and the study is richer for that. Each study concludes with prayer by either James or Ade. Videos of the study are available on St. Marcus’ YouTube channel.


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Volume 108, Number 03
Issue: March 2021

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