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WELS podcasts: Reflections on Our Unique Callings: Men, Women, and the Body of Christ

Podcast: Reflections on Our Unique Callings: Men, Women, and the Body of Christ

Hosts: Ben Kratz, Kristi Meyer, Naomi Schmidt, Dawn Schulz

Description: Reflections on Our Unique Callings is a series of devotions from WELS Women’s Ministry that explores biblical principles and applications, poses thoughts and questions for further reflection, and encourages conversations on how these unique callings find their fulfillment in our lives. Each devotion is complemented by a podcast roundtable discussion with members of the executive committee of WELS Women’s Ministry. These devotions and podcasts were first published this past summer but are still available for use by individuals or small groups.

Length: About 20 minutes

Some thoughts: This podcast focuses on what God’s Word has to say about his design for men and women. Having both sexes involved in the conversation lends real-life credibility to the idea that God created men and women to be interdependent. Ben Kratz, who serves as the pastoral advisor for the WELS Women’s Ministry Committee, introduces each segment and then opens up the conversation to the women who also serve on the committee. Kristi Meyer, a mathematics professor at Wisconsin Lutheran College, coordinated this project and has been working on this subject matter as part of her master’s degree program through Martin Luther College. Naomi Schmidt and Dawn Schulz have each worked through these topics in Bible studies with the WELS Women’s Ministry Committee. You aren’t going to hear pat answers about tough topics. The conversations wrestle with using all of God’s Word to come to the most God-pleasing answers, acknowledging that sinful humans do not always get this right and that some of us will struggle with some parts more than others. These podcasts are honest conversations that are extensions of the devotions that are shared as part of this series. It is beneficial to read each episode’s devotion before listening to the corresponding podcast.


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Volume 108, Number 12
Issue: December 2021

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