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New family devotions available

WELS Commission on Discipleship is offering devotions developed for the entire family to use. The devotions coincide with the previous Sunday’s Bible readings. Each devotion is complete with a set of questions for different age groups, a prayer, and hymn verses that can be sung or spoken. Downloadable printable versions are available as well.

Started while most families were staying at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, these devotions provided opportunities for parents and children whose calendars were suddenly empty to spend spiritual time together.

“The foundation of the Christian family begins at home. What an opportunity for parents to commit to starting and sustaining a good and godly habit,” says Donn Dobberstein, director of WELS Commission on Discipleship.

These family devotions will continue to be offered three times a week. Dobberstein says this should more likely set up families for success. “We didn’t want families to feel like they are failing if they miss a devotion. The goal is to create a doable program to help families who may have no devotional life or who struggle to keep it going. With this model, families can use the devotions as they have time throughout the week.”

He says other goals for the devotions include to assist parents and children in the spiritual life at home, to encourage people to follow God’s instructions for home devotional life, to teach families how and when to have home devotions, and to encourage congregations in their support of their member families.

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Volume 107, Number 06
Issue: June 2020

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