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Confessions of faith: Julian

An international student discovered more than academics at a WELS high school.

Standing in front of the students and teachers of Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS), Milwaukee, Wis., Julian shares a message of trust in Jesus with his fellow classmates during chapel.

The passage he reads is from Matthew 14. It’s the story of Jesus walking on water, a chapter of Scripture that deeply resonates with Julian. He’s had many moments in the past year and a half that have caused him to cling to Christ and trust him in situations where he could have sunk into the water instead, just as Peter does in this chapter.

“We can always find comfort in Jesus,” Julian says in his devotion. “In the midst of a sea churning, Jesus does what only God can do. Through him we find salvation, which is why we can find peace in every situation in life.”

This moment in chapel is one that Julian never envisioned for himself.

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Author: Gabriella Blauert
Volume 108, Number 5
Issue: May 2021

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