Confessions of faith: Kannika Killion

Confessions of faith: Kannika Killion

A new Christian is excited to learn more about God’s Word and grow in her faith.

Growing up in a predominantly Buddhist country, Kannika Killion did not imagine she’d be living in the United States or attending a Christian church. But God led her from her home in Thailand to Joplin, Missouri, where she found a WELS church—and answers to her questions.

Thai woman and 2 small girls with birthday cake
Kannika Killion celebrating with the children of members at The Vine, Joplin, Mo.

A world away

Kannika is originally from Pathum Thani, Thailand, a little town near Bangkok. She grew up in a very traditional household, and she says younger generations didn’t usually voice their opinions or ask a lot of questions of their elders, especially when it came to religion. Like most Thai people, Kannika and her family were Buddhist. She remembers going to the temple, talking to the monk, and praying to the statue of Buddha. She says she never quite understood why she was supposed to pray to a statue. “I just couldn’t get it out of my mind,” she says. “I want to know what for and how come?”

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Author: Alicia Neumann
Volume 108, Number 4
Issue: April 2021

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Alicia A. Neumann

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