Confessions of faith: Cheryle and Dana McArdle

Confessions of faith: Cheryle and Dana McArdle

Man’s best friend leads to a new friend, a new church, and a renewed faith in Christ.

On a routine visit to the dog park with her German shepherd, Cheryle McArdle met Judith. Cheryle and Judith formed a fast and tight friendship that included looking for a church together. Toronto, Canada, had a lot of choices.

Once, while at the dog park, a stranger approached them and invited them to his church. Cheryle and Judith both went a few times, but it was not for them. Cheryle said it was too big and impersonal. Both women continued their search for a church. Judith found one, Hope Lutheran, and began attending regularly. She thought Cheryle might like it too and invited Cheryle to check out her new discovery.

One Sunday in May 2017, Cheryle went to Hope. It was her first step in finding what would become her new church home. Cheryle said Hope drew her in from the first time she went: “First and foremost, it was the message, but it was the way the message was delivered,” she says. “The atmosphere at Hope is warm and loving and accepting. There isn’t anyone they aren’t happy to see. I could feel that the first day I walked in. They couldn’t have been kinder to me.”

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Author: Amanda M. Klemp
Volume 108, Number 1
Issue: January 2021

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Amanda Klemp

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