Confessions of faith: Brandee and Jim Cranfield

Confessions of faith: Brandee and Jim Cranfield

Lives battling anger and addiction are met by God’s grace.

“She’s always taking on another project,” Jim says with a smile.

Brandee and Jim Cranfield

Brandee and Jim Cranfield had spent the morning moving items into the newly completed church building for St. Paul, Adams-Friendship, Wis. Now they were loading up bookshelves to take home and paint so that they looked nice in the new church.

Brandee and Jim have lots of projects keeping them busy these days. They are remodeling their home, working on fixing a vehicle for a friend—in addition to vehicles of their own—and chasing after kids and grandkids who need a little help or encouragement. “All my projects are ten-year projects at this point in my life,” says Jim. “They’ll get done when they get done.”

The look in Brandee’s eyes tells you that she’ll see them get done sooner than ten years. “We love doing stuff together,” Brandee says. “It’s one of the reasons I married him.”

Three years earlier, marriage was not something either Jim or Brandee were even remotely thinking about. They had both taken a long and winding road to find each other, but God had plans for their journey that neither of them expected.

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Author: Jasper Sellnow
Volume 107, Number 12
Issue: December 2020

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