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Confessions of faith: Holly Vaden and the Thorsons

Confessions of faith: Holly Vaden and the Thorsons

The Holy Spirit used individuals, life circumstances, and a yearning for clarity to draw three friends around God’s Word.

Rachel Hartman

More than 20 years ago, Holly Vaden and Anna Thorson became friends while working at a hospital in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The friendship was an unlikely one. They had contrasting lifestyles. Anna and her husband, Hal, regularly attended a Lutheran church in their hometown, while Holly lived a secular life without a church.

Holly moved out of the area but periodically continued to visit Hal and Anna at their ranch in North Dakota. Whenever she stayed, Hal and Anna encouraged her to come to church with them. She went a couple of times but chose to wait at the ranch after that while they went to the service. At the time, Holly viewed church as a manmade contrivance and the Bible as a collection of stories designed to exemplify a moral life. She didn’t want anything to do with it.

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