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Book nook: I Know That I Know: The Certainty of Christian Faith

We live in a world of uncertainty. Christians and non-Christians alike are subjected to life on a planet where everything from the weather to traffic to governments are constantly in flux. As we navigate this chaotic existence, sometimes it feels as if there is nothing we can fully rely anymore. So why, as sinful humans, would we expect our faith to get a free pass from being battered in the storms of life?

In I Know That I Know: The Certainty of Christian Faith, Jacob Behnken unpacks this idea in a way that can help anyone address the lingering questions sometimes faced regarding our spiritual walk: “How do I know what I believe? What if my faith isn’t strong enough to get me into heaven?”

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Behnken tackles these questions in a clear and concise manner using biblical role models whose faith was also challenged. Readers will find the examples relatable as the author walks us through how these people faced their faith struggles. In doing so, he points us to the heart of his case: To fully grasp if we have enough faith, we must first understand what faith is. Then Behnken lays out what saving faith is and where it comes from.

This book’s other key point is understanding not only the origin of our faith but also its foundation—Christ Jesus, our Savior. To use Behnken’s analogy, Jesus is the life ring we cling to in the storms of life. His life, death, and resurrection are the evidence that our faith is anchored on a solid rock. Whether our grip is weak and one-handed or we are hugging that life ring with all our strength, it is still going to save us from drowning.

There is so much more to absorb in these 90 pages, from sections that deal with the fruits of faith, polishing your faith, and nourishing your faith to knowing how to call on your faith when doubts and temptation set in. Regardless of how long you have been a Christian, this book is an excellent volume to add to your library and help you on your journey.

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Author: Alan Lemke
Volume 108, Number 03
Issue: March 2021

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