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Book nook: God Loves Nobodies: Good News for Somebody Like Me

We were created by the Master Designer of the universe, each of us as a unique and amazing individual. And yet the world we live in looks past that we were created in God’s image and wants to define and measure success, status, and performance only by strict earthly standards. Am I smart enough, rich enough, good looking enough, talented enough, or successful enough to be a somebody? Or am I none of those things, which makes me a nobody? (Spoiler alert: God does not create nobodies.)

Book cover for God Loves NobodiesPastor Matt Doebler explores this idea in his new book God Loves Nobodies: Good News for Somebody Like Me. He unpacks chapter after chapter of biblical support to show that we have all been created as a somebody by the greatest Somebody ever. In fact, Jesus came to earth to become a nobody (in an earthly sense) so we could all be somebody. Doebler also spends a lot of his book dispelling the myths the world wants us to believe about how we can achieve “somebodyness.”

This easy-reading volume is filled with relatable cultural references and a healthy dose of humor that should appeal to most readers of any age. Doebler backs his points with poignant scriptural support to help readers understand God’s view on how he loves us all, even if the world sees us as—or we feel like—nobodies. This book should connect with everyone struggling with the world’s standards of success and status and hopefully help them understand that as long as they stand with God and walk with Jesus in their hearts, they will always be a somebody.

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Author: Alan Lemke
Volume 109, Number 09
Issue: September 2022

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