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Book nook: In God’s Orchard

In God’s Orchard: Cultivating the Fruit of a Spirit-Filled Life may not be the first Bible study ever written about the fruits of the Spirit, but it has a lot to offer for a short book. This Bible study for individuals or small groups does a wonderful job of weaving in how God’s grace and forgiveness produce our fruits of the Spirit.

This book was written by several different authors, but with a common formatting. I appreciated that each author brought a unique voice to their section but that the book still had a unified feel to it. The authors never miss an opportunity to point you to Jesus, who lived all these fruits of the Spirit perfectly for us and who can give us strength to live a fruit-of-the-Spirit-filled life. This connection to Jesus and to forgiveness is repeatedly emphasized and is a strong theme of the study.

Designed for small groups, this Bible study includes opening and closing prayers and discussion questions and answers. I felt the questions really made me think. I feel that in a group setting these questions would lead to fruitful discussion. The whole study is very accessible and could be successfully led by leaders of any experience level.

This study managed to strike an excellent balance between refreshing me with God’s grace and challenging me to live a life more filled with the fruit of the Spirit. I would highly recommend it for women who are looking for a study that encourages them in their faith life.

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Author: Melissa Brander
Volume 107, Number 06
Issue: June 2020

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