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Book nook: Simply Lutheran

Simply Lutheran: A Practical Guide to Lutheran Teachings is a versatile book that has something to offer readers of all backgrounds. The book gives a fantastic overview of the Lutheran approach to scriptural interpretation and then immediately puts it to work. More than just a summary of the Bible, Simply Lutheran shows the reader how every piece of the puzzle fits together as part of God’s perfect plan. 

Though clearly written from the perspective of a confessional Lutheran, this book is not just a commentary on or a recapitulation of the Lutheran Confessions. Instead, the author simply points the reader back to Scripture as the foundation for every concept presented in the book. From the very nature of God to the saving work of Jesus Christ to modern life in a secular society and everything in between, Simply Lutheran guides the reader back to the Bible and away from the unreliable sources that have infiltrated other church bodies.  

Available from Northwestern Publishing House
Price: $20.99. Also available for Kindle and Nook.

Simply Lutheran manages to strike a balance between its impressive scholarship and its accessibility to readers of all backgrounds.  It is useful as a refresher and study tool for those who have spent decades in the church. It is also a thorough, yet concise, offering for anybody in your life who wants to know what Lutherans really believe and teach.  

In the preface, the author declares, “I will attempt to do what Luther would do if he were living today; I will try to explain Christian teachings and their relationship to one another and the challenges and issues of this era so that laypeople can better understand them.” Mission accomplished.  

Simply Lutheran is one worth reading, worth sharing, and worth keeping on your bookshelf.



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Author: Chris Lambrecht
Volume 107, Number 05
Issue: May 2020

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