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Book nook: Seeing God’s Heart

In his book Seeing God’s Heart: The Certainty of His Love for Me, Pastor Lynn E. Wiedmann begins with a challenging, yet honest, question: “What if you doubt that God loves you?” It is a question that most, if not all, Christians wrestle with at least once in their faith journey, understandably so, considering all the voices of the world competing for their attention.

Seeing Gods Heart book

The purpose of Wiedmann’s book is to sound louder than the voice of the enemy, to help readers be certain of God’s love for them in Christ. Wiedmann guides his readers by providing specific examples in which God’s heart—his love for us—is on display in our lives. He does so in four parts: God’s heart on display in Christ, Scripture, the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and the gift of prayer. The second section on Scripture is especially notable because of the countless ways God proves himself and his faithful love to his people throughout history.

If you struggle with doubt, need answers to difficult questions, or could use a primer on the concrete truths of God’s Word—that is, the love he has for you through his Son and the ways in which he connects with you through his gifts—then this book is for you.

Rest assured: God’s heart is on display in everything he does. Should you walk away with more challenging questions—good. That is expected. What Wiedmann wants for you is to rest confidently in the fact that you can ask those difficult questions without doubting God’s love for you.

Yazmin Rodriguez, Illume, Seattle, Washington

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Author: Yazmin Rodriguez
Volume 111, Number 06
Issue: June 2024

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