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Book nook: The Heart of Faith

Heart of Faith bookThe Heart of Faith is an engaging and enlightening book written by six different authors, divided into a chapter for each.

The chapters are deep dives into six foundational chapters of the Bible. Chapter 1 uses Psalm 51 as a basis to cover law and gospel. It bluntly calls out sin for what it is and ever so eloquently describes grace that springs from overwhelming love. Chapter 2 is based on the Luke chapter 2 ringside account of Jesus’ birth. Chapter 3 covers the lost being found as described in Luke chapter 15. I found the description of the account of the prodigal son especially insightful. Chapter 4, based on the account of Lazarus, is a moving and heart-touching reminder of the depths of God’s love for us. Jesus’ death and resurrection are covered in chapter 5 with an amazing front-row seat to see the pain, suffering, and despair that were accomplished out of Jesus’ unbridled love for us. Finally, chapter 6 describes the events of the 40 days between Jesus’ resurrection and ascension as told in Luke chapter 24. Those events led to the complete assurance that Jesus’ mission was accomplished and he’s now preparing for our arrival to his heavenly home.

Most of the authors use references to historical and cultural conditions to add depth and meaning to scriptural truths. Some use prose that ignites the imagination and touches the heart. Others use more of a first-person singular narrative to enlighten as they instruct. All use numerous scriptural cross-references to bolster biblical concepts.

The Heart of Faith will surely strengthen the faith of the seasoned Christian. It will also be a wonderful read for the novice seeking the truths of Christianity.

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Author: Robert Meier
Volume 111, Number 4
Issue: April 2024

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