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Webinars help Women’s Ministry fulfill its purpose

“Women’s Ministry is here to nurture and encourage and equip women to faithfully use their gifts to serve God’s kingdom,” says Rachel Halldorson, a member of the Women’s Ministry Executive Committee. “We do that in a variety of ways, including our webinars.”

back of woman with head down misunderstandingIn 2023, Women’s Ministry held two webinars, one on prayer in the 21st century and another on fostering faith in the next generation. “The WELS Women’s Ministry webinar on fostering faith in the next generation made a lasting impression and difference in my motherhood,” says Alexa Brodeur, a mom of three children, all under 6 years old. Brodeur and her husband, Ethan, are members at St. Peter, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. “The speakers each shared so much value—mindsets to remember, prayers to pray, and resources like books and devotional tools that are helpful for every Christian as we navigate our roles in the lives of the next generation. I have had special conversations and prayers with my children because of incorporating some of the resources shared in the webinar into our life at home.”

In 2024, Women’s Ministry has already hosted another two webinars, both focused on using biblical hospitality to build relationships that may lead to opportunities to share the gospel. One popular way to watch these webinars is with a group—either a congregational women’s group or a casual group of friends.

Ann Johnston hosted two fellow members from Our Savior, San Antonio, Texas, and notes, “What we all liked were the concrete ideas presented. We were hoping for immediate ideas we could implement, and we did get some.”

Women’s Ministry is planning another webinar for May 2 on the topic of mental health.

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Author: FIC
Volume: 111, Number 04
Issue: April 2024

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