Still joyful

Still joyful

Ministerial education graduates reflect on their unique final semester.

As I consider the impact that COVID-19 made on the WLS class of 2020, I recognize that the losses we experienced are relatively small compared to the suffering that the pandemic has inflicted upon many in our country and across the world. Missing out on our last few months of in-person classes and our graduation ceremony is disappointing, but it does not compare to the pain and worry experienced by those who lost income or watched loved ones suffer or die.

But there is disappointment. For years, my classmates and I had the spring of 2020 on our radar. It would be a time of thanksgiving and joyful praise to God! We would encourage each other during the final weeks of our formal education. We would enjoy the friendship that we had formed over the previous eight years. We would celebrate with one another as we received calls into the public ministry.

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Authors: Multiple authors
Volume 107, Number 7
Issue: July 2020

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