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Encouraging and supporting future called workers

By definition, an auxiliary is a group that provides supplementary help or support. Since 1960 and 1973, the Martin Luther College (MLC) Ladies’ Auxiliary and the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS) Auxiliary have provided generous support for students preparing for public ministry.

According to Rachel Tacke, president of the MLC Auxiliary, the group gives “financial help for projects at MLC that are not funded” and makes “others aware of MLC and the students who are studying to be our future pastors, teachers, staff ministers and lay leaders.” But Tacke also sees the auxiliary “as a group of women (and men) who find ways to encourage and care for these students in this time away from home—kind of like a hug from home.”

Every year the MLC Auxiliary hosts a Bingo night for the students. More than 300 attended this year’s event, which included prizes of gift cards, quilts, fleece blankets, crocheted/knitted gifts, and baked goods donated by WELS members.

Currently, the MLC Auxiliary’s standing projects provide funding for scholarships, travel assistance for students’ off-campus classroom experiences, Daylight outreach opportunities, and new dorm window treatments. This year’s special projects included Hebrew dictionaries, a stage crew intercom system, Smartboards, Spanish immersion program grants, a honeybee science project, and fitness center equipment.

Similarly, the WLS Auxiliary “provides project and prayer support for the mission of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary,” according to coordinator Lori Guse. In the past ten years, ADA-drinking fountains with bottle filling stations, upholstered chairs for the main entrance, stoles, chapel communion ware, grounds maintenance equipment, and many other projects were funded through this group.

“Our students are so grateful for the support—not only the projects but also the loving prayer support—that comes from this special group of WELS members,” says Guse. “Being a part of the auxiliary is a great way to connect personally with WLS.”

And Tacke reminds us: “Anything we can do to support our future church workers will benefit all of us. Their growth will carry on as they touch the lives of others in their service for Christ Jesus!”

Learn more at about MLC Ladies’ Auxiliary. Learn more about WLS Auxiliary at Both organizations hold annual events in October.

Ann M. Ponath

Volume 107, Number 04
Issue: April 2020

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