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Resources to build up Christians of all ages

WELS Congregational Services created so many resources for churches in 2023 that it can be hard to keep track of them all. We’re highlighting four that can be a blessing to any congregation.

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Compassion ministry

Helping the hurting with hope” is a five-lesson Bible study to help Christians appreciate the role of compassion in their personal and congregational lives. It provides gospel motivation to go beyond our comfort zones and act in compassionate ways through the Holy Spirit’s power.

Family ministry

Fostering Faith image hands togetherFostering faith in the next generation: Making time for what matters the most” is a webinar from WELS Women’s Ministry that features panelists who are parents in the trenches of discipling children for a lifetime of spiritual growth. These women speak to the challenges that come with the desire to live counterculture in a world that is so good at keeping us distracted and busy.

Youth ministry

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Who am I? Your identity in Christ” is a three-part youth ministry resource that takes an in-depth look at real-life problems that overwhelm teens. The videos explore the identity crisis among teens and look to root teens’ identity in Christ through the facts of God’s Word rather than personal feelings. The series is adaptable for use in a youth group setting, home setting, or for personal teen viewing.

Never too young to talk about Jesus bibleNever too young to talk about Jesus: Why your witness matters” is a two-part video study for teens that shows why sharing their faith is their responsibility and privilege. Multiple “pause points” give teens a chance to engage in discussion with one another and apply what they learn about sharing their faith. This study highlights the important role teens have in sharing Christ with their generation.

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Author: FIC
Volume: 110, Number 12
Issue: December 2023

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