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Being a Christian parent is challenging. Although we have a wonderful resource in God's Word, the Bible doesn't always answer our parenting questions with black and white answers--and neither does "Parent conversations." What "Parent conversations" does provide is real-life perspectives from parents who are struggling with the same questions as you. Have a question? Join the conversation! Submit questions or comments through our contact form.

Looking for insight on a particular parenting topic? Search the "Parent conversations" archive. More articles continue to be added, so check back regularly. 


Dad talking to daughter serious conversation

Parent conversations: How do we help our kids move on from mistakes?

We all know what it’s like to beat ourselves up after we make a mistake....
kid holding a thank you God colored sign

Parent conversations: How can we instill gratitude in our children?

How many times have you reminded your children to say “Thank you” when they’ve received...
orange balls balancing like teeter totter

Parent conversations: How can parents find the balance between being too restrictive and too permissive?

Am I the only parent who doubts herself so much that one minute I’m nervous...
Parent Conversation SEPT 22 multi ethnic children playing outside

Parent conversations: How can we teach kids to be good friends?

This might sound odd, but I’m usually more concerned about how my kids are doing...

Parent conversations: What life skills will help young people as they transition to adulthood?

If you’re expecting a column on the importance of teaching kids key life skills like...
Cild looking at water

Parent conversations: How do we discuss death with our children?

Contemplating some conversations creates butterflies in my stomach. Talking about death with my children falls...




Episode 33 – Teaching kids how money works

How can we help our kids to learn to manage the financial resources that God gives them? Linda Buxa shares her family’s approach—and how you can incorporate it in your family.
Two teens in park

Episode 32 – What’s a parent’s role in dating?

The idea of our children dating can be . . . unsettling. Pastor Donn Dobberstein, father of four children ages 15-22, shares his strategies for how to navigate this season of parenting.

Mom in hospital bed

Episode 31 – Facing a parent’s illness as a family

Mom’s sick. Now what? Hear from Kerry Ognenoff on what her family faced during her recent illness.

Back of child sitting on swing

Episode 30 – Protecting kids without scaring them 

How do we prepare our children to handle dangerous situations without scaring them? Are we avoiding important conversations? Sarah Reik and Dan Nommensen offer practical tips to help.

  • Dan Nommensen