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New leadership at Northwestern Publishing House

New NPH president
Jeremy Angle; his wife, Emily; and their nine-year-old daughter, Kate, are members at St. John, Lannon, Wis. Jeremy graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, Wis., in 2002.

“I am not a ‘toe in the water’ kind of guy,” says Jeremy Angle, the new president of Northwestern Publishing House (NPH). “I like to cannonball in. I like a good adventure and the journey.”

Angle’s willingness to jump right in will serve him well in his new role, which focuses on supporting the mission of NPH—delivering biblically sound, Christ-centered resources within WELS and beyond. As president, Angle will oversee all the functional areas of this ministry such as product development, production, distribution, customer service, human resources, accounting, technology, and sales.

Angle says, “NPH is without a doubt a mission but also a business. I see my job as combining the two and being a steward to NPH—the mission, the business, and all its team members.”

His predecessor, Bill Ziche, retired at the end of 2021 after eight years in that role. Ziche helped NPH pivot from operating out of a physical storefront to a digital one. At its February meeting, WELS’ Synodical Council noted that Ziche displayed “outstanding leadership in strategically repositioning NPH to support the gospel ministry for years to come.”

NPH new president sidebarAngle is focused on continuing that support for gospel ministry. “I look forward to building on the traditions and legacy of NPH while adapting to best deliver the resources and teachings,” he explains. “Having worked in the secular business world my entire career, I find myself asking the questions, ‘What can NPH do and build on to support the leaders of today and tomorrow in both the church and secular world? How do we more closely link the two?’ ”

Helping Angle navigate which resources NPH should produce going forward is Pastor Chris Cordes, who began his work as NPH’s editorial vice president in February after Pastor Curtis Jahn retired after serving NPH for 29 years. Cordes and Angle will work together closely on developing future projects.

“I am really looking forward to working with the team at NPH and its board of directors, learning and getting to know them and their growth desires,” says Angle, “as well as working with the synod, our congregations, and our schools on how we can best serve all and help grow. I am also excited about looking beyond and how we can best serve the world, keeping to God’s true Word and teachings.”

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Volume 109, Number 05
Issue: May 2022

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