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Showing Mormons that Jesus is enough

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a time of fear, uncertainty, and global shutdowns. But it also opened an unexpected window of opportunity for Truth in Love Ministry, a WELS-affiliated organization that proclaims Christ to Mormons and also empowers Christians to witness.

“Mormon culture started to shift because their congregations had been shut down for nearly 18 months. People started looking for something else to spiritually guide their families,” explains Mark Parsons, a missionary at Truth in Love. “We are in an unprecedented time in the history of the Mormon church, where more Mormons have either left the church or are in the process of leaving it. The back door of Mormonism is more open than ever before.”

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It was during this shifting environment that Truth in Love launched its new website,, specifically targeting those questioning or leaving the Mormon faith. Although there are already resources for those leaving Mormonism, Parsons notes, those resources don’t include the most important final step: replacing the hopelessness of the Mormon religion with the true hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Without this hope, the vast majority of ex-Mormons shun religion entirely and become atheists. The Jesus Is Enough website aims to provide that crucial final step of sharing the hope we have in Christ.

The hallmark of the website is a series of compelling, in-depth testimonial videos from ex-Mormons who have become Christians. These videos are so powerful and effective because former Mormons candidly share with struggling Mormons how someone can leave Mormonism and not lose everything. While telling their deeply personal, often painful, experiences, these new Christians don’t just talk about what’s wrong with Mormonism—they talk about what’s right with the true, biblical gospel and how Jesus’ sacrifice for them has completely changed their lives.

Woven throughout the videos are graphics that illustrate the Mormonism “shelf” concept, which resonates deeply with Mormon viewers. “They have a saying in their culture: If you have a doubt [about Mormonism], put it on a metaphorical shelf,” says Parsons. “Eventually, for many Mormons that shelf becomes so burdened that it breaks or it breaks them in the process.” In the videos, each person’s testimony is intertwined with illustrations showing that person’s crumbling Mormon shelf gradually being replaced with a solid, unshakeable wall built on Christ and his promises.

As a companion to the resources for Mormons on the Jesus Is Enough website, a section of the Truth in Love website,, provides resources and a social media promotional guide for Christian individuals and congregations to promote Jesus Is Enough. Coming soon are materials and a video viewing guide that can be used for congregational Bible studies.

Parsons understands the challenges of witnessing to Mormons: On the surface Mormons may seem “quasi-Christian” or unreachable. Don’t give up, he urges. You never know when you might be the small link in the chain that the Holy Spirit uses to create faith in someone’s heart. “Our witnessing matters,” says Parsons. “Every phone call, every text message, every e-mail God does and can use to share Jesus with people. So keep doing just that. Be that link in the chain.”

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Meet Janae

Lady talking on video mormonJanae is just one of the former Mormons who share their stories in the feature-length videos included on the Jesus Is Enough website. Janae’s story of hope started with her employer who introduced her to Christ. Using this woman’s gentle witness and through a book about the life of Jesus, the Holy Spirit led Janae to the truth—and gave her hope. “It pierced my heart,” remembers Janae. “I am a child of God, and I am cloaked in his righteousness. Jesus is enough. I don’t need anything more.”

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Author: FIC
Volume 111, Number 06
Issue: June 2024

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