Bible study: God’s attitude is grace

Bible study: God’s attitude is grace

Grace is God’s unmerited favor toward sinners. However, some are critical of the Bible because it speaks of laws, sin, hell, and judgment.

We must understand that the problem is not with God but with us. As Martin Luther said, we are born “turned in” on ourselves and away from God. As was the case with the first sin in the Garden of Eden, most temptation comes from a perceived idea that God is holding out on us. Some think God gives us the law to hamper our freedom. Hampering one’s personal freedom is perhaps the greatest sin in American culture right now. What many don’t understand is that God is showing grace even with the laws he gives.

Read Psalm 1; Romans 7:7; and Matthew 5:3-10.

Think of a temptation with which you struggle. What is Satan falsely trying to convince you that you lack?

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Author: David Scharf
Volume 108, Number 5
Issue: May 2021

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David Scharf

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