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District news: May 2022

Happy anniversary!

MN—On Jan. 30, St. Luke, Pickwick, Minn., honored organist Shirley Kauphusman for her 70 years of service.

SEW—On Feb. 20, St. Paul, Grant Park, Ill., celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doreen Romadka’s service as a church organist.


The WELS East Regional Band Fest concert took place at Michigan Lutheran High School, St. Joseph, Mich., on March 20. Students from 11 WELS high schools participated.


On March 20, the WELS West Regional Band Fest concert took place at Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School, New Ulm, Minn. Students from nine WELS high schools participated.

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Members of Shepherd of the Hills, Greeley, Colo., are volunteering at a local food bank on a monthly basis.



South Atlantic

Crown of Life, Fort Myers, Fla., celebrated the dedication of its expanded school and refurbished church on Feb. 27.

South Central

Christ Our Refuge, Waco, Texas



Six Martin Luther College seniors volunteered at Christ Our Refuge, Waco, Texas, a WELS home mission, in March. The students helped gather 2,000 pounds of food for a local food pantry and talked to many community members about Christ Our Refuge and what it teaches.



Martin Luther College students

Ten Martin Luther College students helped new home mission Amazing Grace, Amarillo, Texas, over their spring break. In addition to reading to students at a local elementary school, the MLC students also volunteered at a food bank, a blood bank, and local parks. They helped clean Amazing Grace’s new rental worship space and participated in a Praise and Proclaim workshop. As Hans Thomford, pastor at Amazing Grace, noted, “In all, they let their lights shine both in word and deed.”

Southeastern Wisconsin

On March 6, the choirs of Good Shepherd, West Bend, Wis., presented a hymn festival featuring 16 new hymns from Christian Worship: Hymnal.

Western Wisconsin

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On Feb. 19, more than 100 women gathered at St. Matthew’s, Oconomowoc, Wis., for the congregation’s second annual women’s retreat. The retreat theme was “Fruit of the Spirit.”

The district reporters for this month are: MI—John Eich; MN—James Panning; NE—Timothy Kemnitz; SA—Newlin Schafer; SC—Caleb Schoeneck; SEW—Matthew Schaewe; WW—Brett Brauer.

Volume 109, Number 05
Issue: May 2022

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