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Coffee and Forward in Christ

When Good Shepherd, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., wanted to expand its Bible study opportunities a few years ago, it turned to something the congregation was already using for its members’ spiritual growth: Forward in Christ magazine.

“Every Monday from 11 to 12, it’s Forward in Christ,” says John Melke, pastor at Good Shepherd.

Coffee and reading FIC
Every Monday, Good Shepherd members meet at a local restaurant to read and discuss Forward in Christ magazine.

Good Shepherd already provides Forward in Christ to its families at their homes; now a group called Coffee with Christ meets at a local restaurant to read the issue together and discuss the articles. “We read through every word,” says Melke. “It is a chance to look at a wide variety of subject matter.” Their study of the magazine has led to other Bible studies on topics into which the group wanted to dig deeper.

Melke says he also thinks it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the synod. “It gives us a chance to see we’re not alone. . . . We have a family of faith around the world.”

When COVID hit, Coffee with Christ took a few months off and then started meeting again through Zoom. Now the group is back at the local restaurant but still offers the class via Zoom for members who have moved away.

Oh, and the group gives free coffee to community members who want to join the discussion.

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Volume 108, Number 12
Issue: December 2021

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