President’s message: What kind of leaders?

President’s message: What kind of leaders?

Mark G. Schroeder

Six billion, 450 million. That’s not the world’s population. That’s how many results you get if you Google the word leadership.

What exactly does it take to be a good leader? People often will answer that question by listing the characteristics that leaders possess or describing things that leaders do to influence people and events.

Christian leadership, Lutheran leadership, is fundamentally different. A biblical definition of Christian leadership looks outside of the leader. More than anything else, Christian leaders are people who are led—led to the cross; led by the Word; led, no matter what the circumstances, to trust in the grace and promises of God.

Normally, we might expect leaders to have all the answers—to have it all figured out.

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Author: Mark Schroeder
Volume 107, Number 04
Issue: April 2020

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Mark Schroeder

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