My Christian life: One of the first members of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society

Man standing near a cross leaning on it

Freely forgiven

black man celebrating a win with cross on shirt

More than conquerors

Kids dumping water on pastor

How to be a real man


Confessions of faith: The Bunco girls

Patient invitations lead to multiple couples discovering a Bible-based church ...
Julie Wietzke

Q&A: What advice do you have for a new dad?

I didn’t have a great father growing up, and now ...
David Scharf

My Christian life: One of the first members of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society

A woman dedicated to supporting mission work shares stories about ...
Jenifer Frick

Parent conversations: How can our family grow together in faith over the summer?

The beginning of summer always feels like a fresh start ...
Amy Weichel, Benjamin Berger, Katy Goede

Freely forgiven

A true story of sin, Christian confrontation using God’s Word, ...
Joshua Nelson

Please explain: What is the millennium all about?

What is the millennium all about? Remember the circumstances surrounding ...
Kenneth L. Brokmeier

Now is still the time

Twenty years after it opened, Asia Lutheran Seminary continues to ...
Jonathan Bare

What if it’s true . . . that you are free

What does freedom look like? Perhaps a more pertinent question ...
Greg Lyon

More than conquerors

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors ...
Evan Chartrand

Will pray for food

A man stands at the end of an interstate off-ramp ...
James F. Pope

Faithfully serving you

This June, two men who have served faithfully as district ...
Mark Schroeder

How to be a real man

To be a real man—a tough guy—you just need to ...
Daron Lindemann

Free in Christ: Individual prayer

“Pour out your hearts to him, for God is our ...
Linda Buxa, Thomas Bernthal

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