Ken and Sue Blaine

Confessions of faith: Ken Blaine

Justin Burk with his son

My Christian life: One serviceman’s faith journey

two hands putting puzzle piece together

Partners in ministry

two women hugging

The love of Christ compels us


Parent conversations: What is our goal as parents?

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the ...
Timothy Bourman, Jenni Schubring, Ann M. Ponath

Confessions of faith: Ken Blaine

After years of praying, a wife sees God’s perfect timing ...
Marilyn Sievert

My Christian life: One serviceman’s faith journey

God helped a serviceman overcome many obstacles to his faith ...
Natalie Lendt

Thank God for your shower

God provides for all our needs, but do we remember ...
Thomas D. Kock

Q&A: How does remembering my baptism help with the guilt I carry?

I carry around a lot of guilt. I was told ...
David Scharf

The forever end of all wars

We will always have to endure war on earth, but ...
Paul Ziemer

Partners in ministry

How called workers and lay leaders can work better together ...
John Fowler

Thankful saints

November can be a cruel month. For people who live ...
James F. Pope

Please explain: Am I really a saint?

Am I really a saint? It's that time of year ...
Evan Chartrand

The secret of being content

“I know what it is to be in need, and ...
Stephen G. Helwig

Don’t miss the point

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the point. Jesus was talking ...
Mark Schroeder

The love of Christ compels us

According to a 2021 survey of US adults, 86 percent ...
Matthew Vogt

The last hour

We are living in the end times and need to ...
Daniel N. Balge

Catechism truths from Matthew: The Lord’s Supper

Everything in Luther’s catechism revolves around the forgiveness of sins ...
James F. Borgwardt

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