glowing cross with 3 men

Confessions of faith: Steve Yetter

My Christian Life woman in desert

My Christian life: Navajo shepherdess finds joy in Jesus

Two men talking in airport

Human evangelism

Boy with sparks in background looking up

Let them be little


Parent conversations: What are the building blocks of a strong parent/child relationship?

Parenting can feel overwhelming as we navigate through the trenches, ...
Sarah Reik, Rob Guenther

Confessions of faith: Steve Yetter

Grief is a painful reminder that we live in a ...
Benjamin Schaefer

Johannes Bugenhagen: Lessons from Luther’s pastor

This leader in the 16th-century Lutheran Reformation has much to ...
Timothy Grundmeier

My Christian life: Navajo shepherdess finds joy in Jesus

The Good Shepherd guides and blesses a Navajo shepherdess in ...
Sarah Habben

Q&A: Do parts of the Bible teach works righteousness?

The Reformation cry is grace alone, but don’t some Bible ...
David Scharf

Another humbling experience

The year was 2007. I had just completed my 18th ...
Mark Schroeder

Known for a higher hope

“Hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love ...
Jeffrey D. Enderle

A new open door

Culture shifted. Absolute truth died. There’s a new standard that’s ...
Jonathan Enter

Human evangelism

Evangelism can start with a simple, human question that leads ...
E. Allen Sorum

Please explain: What does it mean that “many are invited, but few are chosen”?

What does it mean that “many are invited, but few ...
Nathanael Brenner

Pastor and wife appreciation month

Praise Martin Luther? No, praise the Lord! Praise the Lord ...
James F. Pope

Catechism truths from Matthew: The keys and confession

If the hymn “Amazing Grace” were written about Matthew, it ...
James F. Borgwardt

Let them be little

A country song reminds us about the active, strong faith ...
Amanda Berg

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