The Bible still matters: Part 4

The Bible still matters: Part 4

The Bible’s message of God’s love for sinners frees us to love God and others.

A quick internet search for the word love will bring up a lot of information: definitions, serious and amusing quotes, examples of how to love better, steps to a more romantic love life, and who knows how much more.

Most often we learn how to love from examples. Husbands who love their wives teach their sons and daughters how to love. Wives provide the same example for their children. We find friends on life’s journey who teach us about loving others. Perhaps an example of loving others and giving yourself for others even makes the evening news. The person inspires us and warms our hearts to do something for others. We all need such people.

God permits all kinds of people to feel the deep joy of love for another. He allows us all to warm our cheeks with tears of joy over the love we have or others show us. It’s human and universal. It is all part of his gracious care for all, just as he sends the rain on the righteous and the unrighteous (Matthew 5:45).

It’s often said that to love someone is to touch the face of God. That’s such a beautiful thought, but it’s not how the Bible pictures love. We shouldn’t be surprised that the idea of love in our world puts the Bible far down on most lists.

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Author: John Braun
Volume 108, Number 5
Issue: May 2021

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