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Church launches social media campaign starring Martin Luther

Christ Alone, Dardenne Prairie, Mo., wanted to replace its annual Trunk or Treat with a contact-free option in October 2020. Christ Alone’s members still wanted to interact and connect with community members but knew that this year that would need to be in a virtual setting. So #MartyOnTheMove2020 was born.

This social media campaign featured Mini Marty, a small figurine of Martin Luther, posing at various locations around the community. Each day a new photo was featured with the hashtag MartyOnTheMove2020. The photos were a fun way to introduce Martin Luther—and Christ Alone—to the community, but they served another purpose as well. Each photo featured information about Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the Bible.

“MartyOnTheMove let us have fun and connect with our neighbors and our fellow members,” says Steve Waldschmidt, pastor at Christ Alone. “One neighborhood association even ‘liked’ our page and shared our posts.”

Waldschmidt reports that Mini Marty didn’t visit all the locations on his bucket list, so he anticipates that there will be a #MartyOnTheMove2021.













Volume 108, Number 1
Issue: January 2021

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