Public ministry matters

Public ministry matters

All believers have a ministry, but we call it “public ministry” when believers ask or call someone to serve them.

To understand what public ministry is and why it matters in the world, it might help to start with a real-life example: St. Matthew’s account of his own call into the public ministry (Matthew 9:9-13).

The calling of Matthew

Jesus based his early ministry in the Galilean town of Capernaum. Matthew was a Jewish tax collector in that same town. You might picture him sitting in his tax booth, admiring the impressive stacks of coins on his counting table, and making careful notes in his ledgers, when an unexpected visitor interrupts. He thinks, What? A rabbi? Here? Can’t be. They all curse this place. He rubs his eyes and reopens them, only to recognize that rabbi—it’s the one whose words and wonders draw crowds and drive Pharisees crazy. But what business does Jesus have here?

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Author: Michael J. Borgwardt
Volume 107, Number 06
Issue: June 2020

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