President’s message: More than dollars and numbers

President’s message: More than dollars and numbers

Fall is the time of year when most congregations begin to discuss and plan their budgets for the coming year. Ministry plans are developed, and then those plans are prayerfully adopted in keeping with the financial resources that are anticipated.

The ministry of a congregation is not limited to what is done locally. Some congregations are members of federations that support Lutheran high schools; others cooperate with neighboring congregations to carry out important joint ministries. And, since our congregations are members of a synod, they also recognize that they join other congregations to carry out ministry together that individual congregations could not easily do alone.

The first congregation I served had a wonderful way of looking at those ministries that extended beyond the local congregation. The section of the budget that included the support for the area Lutheran high school and the synod was labeled “Wider Privileges.” That label was a constant reminder that the congregation’s work beyond local ministry was not an obligation, burden, or imposition.

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Author: Mark Schroeder
Volume 107, Number 10
Issue: October 2020

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Mark Schroeder

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