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Ministry in action

Martin Luther College (MLC) students began the fall 2020 semester with in-person classes but needed to transition to online learning at the end of October. When students arrived back home, they lost no time sharing their talents with their communities.

Ezra Blumer, a member at NorthCross, Lakeville, Minn., began hosting worship nights at his church twice a month under the moniker “NC Teens.” He hopes to rally young men and women around God’s Word rather than the things of the world.

“My goal is to get the people that come to NC Teens excited to learn more about Jesus,” explains Blumer. “I don’t want teens to be dependent on us as their sole source of the Word but to use our events as a springboard to dwell with God in their lives.”

college student helping at school man singing
(Left) Martin Luther College student Maddy Leckwee is helping fill vacant positions at her local elementary school. (Right) When the MLC campus closed for in-person learning because of the coronavirus, Ezra Blumer began helping with teen worship at his home congregation.

He also encourages the members of the NC Teens community to serve God with their gifts. He says, “We are called to make disciples of all nations, and there are so many opportunities for that, no matter what stage of life you’re in.”

Maddy Leckwee, a member of Trinity, West Bend, Wis., heard that her local elementary school needed help filling the shoes of teachers who had to quarantine. She was happy to jump in and get some practice for her future ministry. She has assisted in classrooms, directed the choir, and served as school secretary.

Leckwee says, “I was afraid that trying to be in a classroom during the craziness of COVID would put a sour taste in my mouth for my future teaching, but, honestly, it has been the opposite! I’m so excited to have my own classroom—for God to put me where I can best serve him and his kingdom. It’s cool to see all the real-life applications of the teaching courses I take at MLC.”

Reprinted with permission from MLC’s KnightWatch Weekly

Volume 108, Number 2
Issue: February 2021

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