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Meet the editorial staff: Stephen Helwig

Ever ask yourself, “Who are these people who write for Forward in Christ?” Through this series, you can find out.

Relationships. When asked what one word he would use to describe his experience in the ministry, Stephen Helwig chose to focus on the interpersonal connections he has formed with his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

“To me, it’s all about building relationships,” Helwig says. “That’s not minimizing the gospel and the Spirit working through the Word to connect people to Jesus, which is finally the goal. But, at some point, ministry is getting to know people and getting them to come to you when they have problems because they know you care.”

Stephen Helwig, pastor at Gethsemane, Omaha, Neb., now joins Forward in Christ as a contributing editor.

It was a relationship with a former high school teacher at Martin Luther Prep that led Helwig to join the ministry. Now in his 21st year of service, Helwig has formed and maintained many relationships between church members, teachers, pastors, and more.

He began his ministry at Gethsemane, Lee’s Summit, Mo., serving the congregation for seven years. He then accepted the call to Gethsemane, Omaha, in 2008. Outside of his congregation, he has served on the Nebraska District Mission Board and is currently the first vice president of the Nebraska District, an office he has held since 2012.

Helwig is married to Carrie, his wife of 26 years. They have been blessed with six children and one grandchild, with another grandchild on the way.

Helwig hopes to grow in his relationships with more of his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ through his devotions. He is excited to connect not only with WELS members but also with those who do not yet know their Savior.

Helwig says, “It’s all about writing devotions that are practical and relevant and that share the Word of God in a simple way regardless of who is reading it, conveying that God has something to say to you.”

Volume 109, Number 05
Issue: May 2022

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