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Book nook: Mary: Providential Earthly Mother of God

In the conclusion of her second book, Mary: Providential Earthly Mother of God, Lou Ann Mokwa celebrates the study of Mary with her readers, saying, “Looking at Scripture from the perspective of her life has required us to be faithful, discerning students, focusing on her just enough to shine the light on her Son.” That thought sums up her book perfectly, as she acknowledges and explains varied traditional views on Mary but is careful to rely on Scripture for the final answers about the mother of Jesus, ultimately leading readers to a better understanding of their Savior.

Mother Mary pregnant book coverAlong with an introduction and conclusion, the study comprises eight lessons, each with thoughtful application questions and a corresponding answer key. Prayers are also included. The book is appropriate for individual study or group meetings. Participants will need a Bible to look up the numerous passages discussed in the study. Mokwa includes a Scripture index and suggestions for memorizing God’s Word. She also provides compelling suggestions for further study.

Mokwa’s writing style is friendly and accessible, designed to edify and encourage women of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn more about the mother of our Lord. She does a magnificent job of tracing the figure of Mary from Old Testament prophecies to her New Testament story and shows her as an example of a humble servant of God, chosen for God’s purposes and not because of her greatness but because of his.

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Author: DeLyn Wagenknecht
Volume 111, Number 3
Issue: March 2024

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