Getting older. Getting closer.

Getting older. Getting closer.

As a young boy, sometimes I’d think, In the year 2000, I’ll be 45 years old. Wow, that’s old!

Guess what? My perspective has changed—in part because the year 2000 is little more than a fast-receding blip in our temporal rearview mirror. This month I’m going to be . . . well, I’ll let you do the math.

When I was that boy who thought that 45 was ancient, I smiled when I heard older folks observe, “My, how time flies!” But now that I’m one of those older folks, I find myself echoing my elders when it comes to the passing of time.

Yet, lamenting the rapid passing of time will do little good. It’s what we do with the time given us that counts! Benjamin Franklin once quipped, “Lost time is never found again.” How true. Ben also observed, “You may delay, but time will not.” True again.

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Author: Glenn L. Schwanke
Volume 107, Number 06
Issue: June 2020

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