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Book nook: Esther: Providential Persian Queen

In her new women’s Bible study titled Esther: Providential Persian Queen, Lou Ann Mokwa leads participants into the drama of this real-life story, writing with pertinent and accurate historical information along with her engaging wit. Mokwa has the ability to highlight contrasting traits of each character and each character’s involvement in the plot, all under the overall theme of God’s amazing plan and providence. Challenging topics such as ethnic identity and husband-and-wife relations* are noted as part of the story of Esther but left as opportunities for further study.

Esther, queen and persian purple

Women in any setting will be encouraged through this study, whether individually or in a study group of any size. The author notes in one of her resources that Esther is a successful woman who stepped up to make a difference, standing in the gap to save a nation “for such a time as this.” This is all God’s plan, ultimately pointing to Christ our Savior, which Mokwa keeps before the reader throughout the study. In our world today—of such uncertain times as these—there is comfort in a book like this.

This seven-week Bible study is indeed a Bible study in which participants learn directly from Scripture with their Bibles open. Meaningful references tie other parts of Scripture to this account, providing a rich study experience. Also included are sections for further study, an answer key, and a separate Leader’s Guide with additional questions. Each study begins with prayer and includes well thought out questions for Scripture study as well as meaningful application.

I appreciate the style and clarity of this resource and look forward to more from Lou Ann Mokwa.

*Check out Heirs Together of God’s Gracious Gift of Life, also available from Northwestern Publishing House, for a more in-depth study.

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Author: Sally Valleskey
Volume 110, Number 8
Issue: August 2023

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