District news: March 2020


St. Peter, Clovis, Calif., held its first live nativity in December 2019.





On Jan. 26, St. Paul, New Ulm, Minn., held a dedication service and open house for its school expansion and renovation project. Highlights of the new space include preschool classrooms (shown), a STEM lab, and an art room. Pictured (from left) are preschool teachers Heidi Meyer and Becky Guenther.


Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minn., hosted its annual Evangelism Day for students on Jan. 15. “Evangelism Day,” says student Maddy Leckwee, “is filled with energy and fire for the gospel. It makes you excited for the work you are training to do.” Pictured is Erika Rosenbaum, a junior, who is shown during an evangelism training workshop.



Faith, Anchorage, Alaska, hosted its second Epiphany by Candlelight program on Jan. 11. The event began because Faith’s 2018 Advent by Candlelight program needed to be rescheduled due to a major earthquake that took place the day before the event was originally scheduled in December. The women of Faith discovered that January is a wonderful time to gather together to focus on the Savior after the busy holiday season and to prepare their hearts for the season of Epiphany.


Following the WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership in January, missionaries who serve in city centers in the United States and Canada gathered in Chicago, Ill., to share ministry ideas and encouragement. “Our goal—and our prayer—is that WELS urban missionaries can be better equipped today than they ever have been,” says Lucas Bitter, the conference coordinator and pastor at Intown Lutheran, Atlanta, Ga., “so that we can reach the center cities to the very best of our ability in the future.” Pictured are three missionaries in Canada who attended the first Center City Missionaries Conference. Far left and right are Qiang Wang and Geoff Cortright, who serve in Vancouver, and in the middle is Caleb Schultz, who serves in Mississauga.

On Jan. 11, Trinity, Crete, Ill., held a game day for its youth group and its seniors. As one attendee noted, “This was not a board game day but a bit more active.”



The district reporters for this month are: AZ-CA—Michael Schroeder; MN—James Panning; PNW—David Birsching; SEW—Scott Oelhafen.

Volume 107, Number 03
Issue: March 2020

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