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Book nook: The Baptismal Life

As the author Rev. Dr. Michael Berg indicates, his book The Baptismal Life is about water. The book explores God’s use of water for his divine purpose.

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From the start of the book, the author leads the reader directly into God’s Word to consider and meditate on the Christian’s baptismal life. Nodding to what Luther’s Small Catechism teaches on Baptism, the author effectively moves the reader to contemplate (pray) on his or her baptism along with the daily renewal of drowning the old Adam and arising as a new person in Christ i.e., the baptismal life. Especially beneficial to the reader is the chapter “A Repentant Life,” in which the author correlates the baptismal life with the repentant life. The author hammers home that Christians live the baptismal life by using the means of grace (Word and sacrament) to enable the Holy Spirit to turn our hearts from sin to true repentance.

I strongly recommend that everyone consider reading The Baptismal Life. Since each chapter is only a few pages in length, reading a chapter per day as a monthlong, daily meditation on our baptismal life is very complementary to daily use of Luther’s Small Catechism. Note that the book is rich in content so that the reader can benefit from repeated use as a daily meditation. Adult Bible information class students can also find this book useful when studying the topic of Baptism. What a rewarding read!

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Author: Chuck Ulland
Volume 110, Number 10
Issue: October 2023

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