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A year of firsts

Lydia Thiesfeldt, a 2020 graduate of Martin Luther College, appeared on the cover of the July 2020 issue of Forward in Christ. Thiesfeldt was assigned to serve as the early childhood education director of CrossLife Christian Academy, Pflugerville, Texas, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2021. Thiesfeldt writes:

Lydia Thiesfeldt and pastor
Lydia Thiesfeldt and Pastor Daron Lindemann at CrossLife’s groundbreaking in September 2020.

It is so fun to look back on this past year and see what has been accomplished at CrossLife, how much I have grown into the position that was assigned to me last May, and how God has continued to bless us in every way through this entire process!

This year I have been busy with tasks that I never pictured myself doing immediately out of college! Here are some highlights:

  • Worked with members of our school board to interview, select, and begin work with a marketing team.
  • Canvassed the ever-growing Pflugerville neighborhoods.
  • Put together a model classroom in our on-site trailer.
  • Visited with parents who have shown interest in CrossLife Christian Academy.
  • Began enrolling new students.
  • Worked with Pastor Daron and an interior designer to choose flooring, paint, etc.
  • Researched, selected, and purchased curriculums.
  • Made many lists of classroom furnishings, toys, and other learning materials.

This August, we will open our school and church doors for the first time in our very own building. All of us at CrossLife Lutheran Church are looking forward to being able to worship together in our own space.

Volume 108, Number 7
Issue: July 2021

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