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2020 district conventions

“COVID-19 affected so much this spring and summer,” notes Brad Taylor, secretary of the South Central District. “District conventions were no different.”

WELS’ 12 districts canceled their in-person conventions that were scheduled to take place this summer. Instead, districts held digital elections for their officers while district presidents reappointed representatives to most other district positions. Some districts held short virtual conventions to hear reports from district committees.

“In a district that extends from North Carolina to New England and into Ontario, Canada, the gathering of delegates for our biennial convention is a highlight for congregations, called workers, and lay delegates,” says Donald Tollefson, president of the North Atlantic District. “The opportunity to learn from one another, to be encouraged by one another, to be built up in the faith by the grace of God was sorely missed in June 2020. We look forward to gathering together at our next convention with greater appreciation for the unity we share.”

The current Conference of Presidents (photo taken in 2018). Back row, from left: Donald Patterson, Snowden (Gene) Sims, Jon Buchholz, Charles Westra, John Steinbrenner, Dennis Klatt, Philip Hirsch, David Kolander, Michael Jensen. Front row, from left: Douglas Free, Robert Pasbrig (synod secretary, advisory member of the Conference of Presidents), James Huebner (synod first vice president), Mark Schroeder (synod president), Joel Voss (synod second vice president), Donald Tollefson, Joel Zank.

District presidents reelected

All 12 districts presidents were re-elected via digital election. Each of the district presidents is a parish pastor who is responsible for supervision of doctrine and practice within his district. District presidents serve as members of the Conference of Presidents, which also includes the president and the first and second vice presidents of the synod.

Current district presidents

Arizona-California: Jon Buchholz
Dakota-Montana: Douglas Free
Michigan: Snowden (Gene) Sims
Minnesota: Dennis Klatt
Nebraska: Philip Hirsch
North Atlantic: Donald Tollefson
Northern Wisconsin: Joel Zank
Pacific Northwest: John Steinbrenner
South Atlantic: Charles Westra
South Central: Donald Patterson
Southeastern Wisconsin: David Kolander
Western Wisconsin: Michael Jensen

Volume 107, Number 10
Issue: October 2020

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