The kingdom of heaven: God in action

The kingdom of heaven: God in action

Three parables teach us what God is like and how he treats us.

If you had one week to live, what would you discuss with your loved ones? Would you talk about the weather? Sports? Upcoming local elections? Probably not. With one week to live, those things don’t matter. You would talk about something important and worthwhile, something they need to know.

The gospel readings appointed for this month all take place near the time of Jesus’ death, two of them after Palm Sunday. It’s not hard to see what Jesus talked about when he only had a little time left on this earth. His topic of choice? The kingdom of heaven.

So, what exactly is the kingdom of heaven? Let’s start with what the kingdom of heaven is not. It’s not a location you can point to on a map. It’s not a group of people or the subjects of a king. It’s not like kingdoms or nations we know. After all, Jesus told us, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36).

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Author: Evan Chartrand
Volume 107, Number 10
Issue: October 2020

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