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Psalms for the seasons of life: A preview

Next month Forward in Christ will start a new Bible reading series focused on the book of Psalms. Over six months we will read the book from start to finish. Online commentary compiled by FIC Executive Editor John Braun, available at (as of Dec. 28), will enhance your study. A new FIC Bible study starting in January will highlight specific psalms and their messages for your life today.

Psalms book cover, male playing harp

Here’s an example of what your weekly readings will look like:

Psalm 1 online commentary: “We often use the word law to refer to God’s commandments, in which he tells us what to do. But in this psalm and in many other passages of the Bible, the ‘law of the LORD’ refers to the whole Word of God, both law and gospel. Law is the translation of a Hebrew word meaning ‘teaching’ or ‘instruction.’ ” (The People’s Bible: Psalms 1-72, p. 43).

Want to dig in more? Northwestern Publishing House is offering a special deal to purchase The People’s Bible: Psalms 1-72 and The People’s Bible: Psalms 73-150 at reduced rates. Find the offer* at or call 800-662-6022.

*Good Dec. 1, 2022–Feb. 28, 2023

Author: Forward in Christ
Volume: 109, Number 12
Issue: December 2022

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  • Psalms for the seasons of life: A preview
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